Quality Policy

Our main goal is to meet customers requirements and if possible exceed them. This way we intend to help them doing the same with their customers;

We view ourselves as a learning organization. So, continuous improvement is as critical as being in business;

Financial results are perceived both as an outcome of our business practices, as well as a way to sustain future growth. From both perspectives those are critical for our organization.


Project Management

We understand that a professional project management is a key success factor in our business.

At Soarplasticos, each of our customer’s projects are personally and professionally planned and monitored. Special attention is given to every detail in order to avoid future delays and other constrains.

Besides promoting a close contact with the customer, which will result in a transparent and fluid information exchange, we keep our customers informed by sending them progress reports on a regular basis.

R&D Support

To cope with customers’ demands, we offer full support to R&D and professional and personalised advice on subjects such as:

.: functional and cost effective solutions :.
.: correct choice of materials :.
.: appropriate wall thickness of the part :.
.: good ejection of parts :.
.: assessment of the ideal number of cavities according to planned        production :.
.: proper tool function :.

By promoting the dialogue and cooperation with our clients and by means of our long experience and wide background we create innovative solutions.

We create functional prototypes through rapid prototyping. We choose the most cost effective and state-of-the-art methods to detect potential problems, thus avoiding them when the series production starts.

Prototyping and Mold Making

Rapid Prototyping / 3D Printing
Functional prototypes are a convenient way to identify potential problems and avoid them in series production.

Based on our integrated vision of business, we have developed a network of relations, which allow us to help our customers in building prototypes through the most appropriate technology.

Mold Making
From past experience and continuous market research, we have selected a few mold makers with whom we have fostered partnership relations. This way we can offer our customers cost-effective and reliable solutions for what it concerns to all of their mold making needs.

Quality, flexibility, cost effectiveness and past experience are critical factors when it comes to selecting our mold maker partners.

Injection and Molding Technology

Customers benefit of knowledge and experience present throughout all of our organization, which combined with state of the art equipment assure them high competitive offers and high quality products and services.

We have 16 injection machines from 40 to 900 tons clamping force and offer our customers the following injection technologies:

.: Technical components :.
.: Gas assisted injection :.
.: Two materials and/or two color injection :.

We have developed special skills in bi-material (2 materials and/or 2 colors) for which we have the following equipment:

.: 2 Injection Machines Engel 400HL-2F
.: 1 Injection Machine Engel 600HL-2F

We are able to process the following raw materials:

Quality control

Depending on the client specific requirements, parts are controlled by calliper, CMM or gauges. 

Through proactive quality management we implement measures and regular checks across all processes to prevent defects.