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Soarplásticos Profile

Nevertheless, our aim is to go beyond pure injection of components. In so being, we have developed internal and external capabilities, which allow us to offer a complete solution to most of our customers, from R&D support to surface finishing, assembling, packaging and logistics.

.: Our Mission :.

Soarplásticos produces plastic components through the process of injection molding to automotive, electrical and other industries.

.: Management - Our Values :.

• It is our goal to foster partnership relations with our customers in order to learn their needs and expectations, so that we can help them in achieving success.

• People are our most valued asset. We motivate our workers treating them with respect and challenging them with new and motivating tasks, as well as proper education.

•We understand that the establishment of mutual benefit relations with our suppliers is critical for our success. We expect from them a continuous improvement on their services and products.

• Honesty, Integrity and professionalism are base pillars for the establishment of stable and long last relationships.

• The bottom line indicators are crucial for any organization. These are fundamental in order to assure our sustained growth, proper equity remuneration and continuous service level improvement to our customers.